Harassed by Robo-callers?
Debt Collectors and Telemarketers : They Can't Call

Unlawful Calls Could Entitle You to Damages

When you receive calls that are in violation of the TCPA, FCCPA and FDCPA, you may be entitled to compensation. Our experienced attorneys can help assess your situation and assist you with the materials necessary to gather information so we can file a claim on your behalf. Rest assured, this will be at no cost to you. Our attorneys work on a contingency basis.

The Laws


Telephone Consumer Protection Act

A federal law that protects you from unwanted, automated telemarketing and debt collection calls to your cell phone. Provide for $500 to $1,500 per call.

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Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

A federal law that makes sure debt collectors treat you with honestly, dignity, fairness and respect when communicating with you while collecting a debt.

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Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act

A state law that regulates debt collectors' AND creditors' conduct, insuring they can’t call you repeatedly, your family, friends, neighbors or places of employment.

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