Are creditors or debt collectors calling your family, friends and/or neighbors and leaving message requesting a return call about a debt you owe?  They can’t.

Creditors and debt collectors are not allowed to call your family members, friends or neighbors and leave a message requesting a return call from you regarding your debts.  That is an invasion of your privacy.  It is embarrassing.  And it is not allowed.  

If a creditor or debt collector calls and leaves a message with a family member, friend or neighbor, gather the information surrounding the call and message:

  • Who called?
  • What number did they call from?
  • What message was left?

If a creditor or debt collector calls your friend, family member or neighbor and leaves their name, a telephone number, reference number, and asks for a return call, that is a communication in connection with the collection of the debt and is essentially impossible to be left without violating at least one section of the FCCPA and/or the FDCPA.

If these calls occur, gather the information and call LeavenLaw.  We will evaluate your case at a free consultation and, if we think it is a good case, will take it on a contingency basis.  You don’t owe us anything unless we win….and then, the creditor or debt collector will pay us, not you.