Creditors and debt collectors have many means available to them in attempting to collect debts.  One of the most prevalent and frequently used methods of debt collection is placing telephone calls to collect the debt.  Why?  Consider the following…..

  • Telephone calls are easy.  
  • Telephone calls are capable of frequent repetition.  
  • Voicemail messages can be left regarding the debt collection attempts, requesting a return call.  
  • Debt collectors know that consumers rely upon their telephones and will regularly check their voicemails.  
  • Finally, creditors and debt collectors can place many and repeated debt collection calls at minimal expense and can use technology – both in dialing and in leaving pre-recorded voicemails – to maximize returns on their investment.

Because of their ease of use, effectiveness, and potential for maximizing profit, auto-dialers and pre-recorded voicemail messages play a huge role in invading a consumer’s privacy and harassing a debtor to pay his or her alleged debts.  The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”) was created to protect consumers against such harassment and technological invasions of your privacy.  Below are four specific areas where debt collectors and telemarketers can’t call.  They Can’t Call…